Operations Team at Osborne Naval Shipyard

Social responsibility

Respect Reconciliation Action Plan

ANI launched its first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in July 2023.

Our Respect RAP focuses on raising awareness, building relationships and investigating how we can refine our operational practices to ensure we can realistically contribute to an equitable and reconciled Australia.

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Uni Placement Program

Undergraduate and Graduate Development

ANI is particularly proud of its efforts in providing vacation placements and employment to younger or inexperienced personnel, giving them valuable on-the-job experience as they start their careers, supervised and supported by experienced senior personnel. Over the past few years, ANI has offered vacation employment to undergraduate engineering students, assisting them to complete the industry […]

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Inclusive Workplace

Inclusion and Diversity

ANI seeks to foster a climate of respect, equality and positive recognition through an inclusive workplace culture. This is achieved through workplace practices that support diversity, respect different working styles, and accommodate flexible working arrangements. Some examples of these practices in action include: Flexible working arrangements ANI accommodates flexible working arrangements to suit the individual […]

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Indigenous art

Local Engagement

ANI is committed to maximising Australian content in the delivery of its projects. Local contractors and suppliers are sourced and used where possible, and ANI and its contractor partners advertise work package opportunities through the Industry Capability Network (ICN). ANI’s Osborne South Development Project (OSDP) achieved more than 97% engagement of local contractors, and steel […]

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Native plantings

Environmentally Sustainable Practices

ANI is accredited to ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems and has implemented environmentally sustainable practices in the operation and maintenance of the common user facilities (CUF) including: In the expansion and modernisation of the ONS, environmentally sustainable initiatives have been installed in the ONS south shipyard and are being considered in the design of […]

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