Operations Team at Osborne Naval Shipyard

About ANI


Established in 2017, Australian Naval Infrastructure Pty Ltd (ANI) is a Government Business Enterprise. ANI’s joint shareholders are the Minister for Finance and the Minister for Defence.

ANI’s primary object is to support the Commonwealth’s continuous naval shipbuilding program by being the owner, developer and manager of infrastructure and related facilities. ANI is also tasked with providing access and efficiently and effectively managing the infrastructure to ensure an integrated and coordinated approach to delivery of all aspects of the shipbuilding program.

ANI has focused on fulfilling these functions through the expansion and modernisation of the Osborne Naval Shipyard into a world-class shipbuilding precinct, and the continued operation and maintenance of Common Use Infrastructure.

The naval industry has a long and rich heritage. In respect to this, our corporate identity uses Morse code, a communication method still used as an important tool today on seafaring vessels as a means of ‘silent’ communication, or as a fallback when other methods are unavailable or disabled.

Our logo literally translates as ANI.
ANI Values Graphic