Osborne Naval Shipyard in South Australia is the largest naval shipbuilding hub in Australia

Formerly known as Techport, Osborne Naval Shipyard was established in 1987 and currently comprises two shipyards. Osborne South enables the construction of major surface combatants, and Osborne North facilitates the maintenance of submarines.

Common use infrastructure supports the naval shipbuilding programs and commercial vessel maintenance and repair activities undertaken at the shipyard, and comprises a wharf, runway, dry berth, transfer system and shiplift, all of which were added to the precinct between 2007 and 2009.

In 2017, ANI commenced the acquisition of lands and properties to the west and north of the existing precinct and implemented a significant expansion and modernisation program.

The program began with the expansion at Osborne South which comprised the design, construction and installation of new shipbuilding halls and state-of-the-art plant and equipment. These new facilities have enabled for the first time a steel in…. ships out capability at Osborne Naval Shipyard and were handed over to tenant, BAE Systems Maritime Australia in the second half of 2020. Training and prototyping for the Hunter Class Frigate Program subsequently commenced in December 2020.

Modernisation of existing infrastructure within the south yard also commenced in 2020, with the first upgrade involving the conversion of a workshop into a pipe fabrication hall.

Land and buildings acquired or leased at Osborne North are intended for the development of a new submarine construction yard to support the nuclear-powered submarine program under the AUKUS agreement.

ANI is also responsible for precinct planning and management to ensure shipbuilding needs are fulfilled whenever possible. This includes the maintenance and upgrade of all existing facilities, as required.

More information about the facilities at Osborne Naval Shipyard is available below.