Osborne Naval Shipyard

Osborne Naval Shipyard (ONS) stretches across more than 100 hectares of the Lefevre Peninsula in South Australia

In its 2017 Naval Shipbuilding Plan and the subsequent 2020 Force Structure Plan, the Australian Government announced its intention to establish a secure, sustainable and continuous National Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise (the Enterprise). As the largest capital investment ever undertaken in Australia, the Enterprise represents a new direction in the way Australia underpins its national security interests and establishes a sustainable naval shipbuilding and sustainment capability that will generate industry growth and secure Australian jobs for the future.

Osborne Naval Shipyard is a key enabler of the Enterprise with several shipbuilding construction and upgrade programs based at the shipyard, all providing opportunities for employment and industry engagement on some of Australia’s most exciting naval shipbuilding programs.

ANI is supporting these programs and the Enterprise through an extensive expansion and modernisation program involving the design and construction of new shipyards and the modernisation of existing facilities, and through the continued operation and maintenance of common use facilities, including the transfer of large components and vessels through the yard and at launch.