Submarine on dock

Osborne North

Submarine sustainment activities take place in Osborne North

The existing Osborne North shipyard is the location for full-cycle dockings and maintenance of the Royal Australian Navy’s six Collins Class Submarines, which is undertaken by ASC Pty Ltd. It is also the yard where the Collins Class Life of Type Extension (LOTE) program will be undertaken, and ANI will undertake a range of facility refurbishment works to support this program.

ASC Engineer

Key features of the Osborne North yard include:

Hardstand Area

A sealed bitumen/concrete hardstand area enables the docking of vessels and ready access and space for maintenance activities on the Collins Class Submarines. A rail transfer system enables the transfer of vessels across the hardstand providing a flexible work area, with even greater flexibility introduced using ANI’s self-propelled modular transporters.

Electrical, sea water, compressed air, communications, fire-fighting and lighting services and supplies are all available from service modules around this area.

Construction and Assembly Halls

Two construction and assembly halls offer enormous benefits for construction and maintenance work, with works unaffected by weather conditions. Cranage in each hall includes a traversing overhead beam crane and wall cranes.

Each hall comprises staff amenities, office spaces and large workshops for pipe, mechanical, electrical, welding and general fabrication works.

Maintenance Support Tower

A state-of-the-art submarine maintenance support tower (MST) is located between the construction and assembly halls providing easy access to all levels of a submarine. As well as providing access, piping brings services such as power, gas and extraction systems right to the place of work.

The MST includes office facilities and tool cribs next to the submarine, so workers don’t need to travel to get what they need to get a job done.

Blast and Paint

The dedicated paint and blast facility meets strict Environmental Protection Authority pollution control regulations. This building is accessible via the transfer system and can accommodate large sections of vessels.

Diesel and Generator Test Facility

This test facility enables the key part of the submarine propulsion and power system to be operated and proven off the boat, saving time and costs by allowing maintenance to be undertaken outside of a submarine and multiple tasks to be undertaken simultaneously.