Osborne South

The Osborne South shipyard is used for the construction and upgrade of major naval surface combatants up to Destroyer size

The facilities at Osborne South were initially constructed to enable the production of three Air Warfare Destroyers, the last of which was completed in April 2020.

Since mid-2018, the yard has been used by Luerssen Australia and its subcontractor, ASC OPV Shipbuilder Pty Ltd for the build of two Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV). Another ten OPVs will be built at the Henderson shipyard in Western Australia.

Osborne South was expanded under the Osborne South Development Project to facilitate the construction of nine Hunter Class Frigates by BAE Systems Maritime Australia. These new facilities enable the end-to-end Steel in…Ships Out production of vessels for the first time at Osborne Naval Shipyard.

ANI also commenced modernisation of the existing south yard in September 2020 as part of a progressive program of expansion and modernisation works across the precinct.

The first modernisation project involved the repurposing of an existing building into a pipe fabrication workshop to support the Hunter Class Frigate Program. This included the construction of new offices and staff amenities, as well as the installation of state-of-the-art pipe fabrication equipment in the fully refurbished building.

The objective of the expansion and modernisation of Osborne South is to deliver a fully integrated, modern shipyard through the construction of new facilities and upgrade of existing facilities to support the continuous build of vessels up to Destroyer size. The new facilities enable ship builds to be undertaken inside halls and workshops as opposed to surrounding outside hard-stand areas, saving time and reducing costs by minimising weather impacts.

Key facilities at Osborne South include: