Common Use Infrastructure

ANI Operations team moving OPV megablocks

ANI’s Operations team is responsible for the operation and maintenance of common use infrastructure at the Osborne Naval Shipyard, which provides critical infrastructure to support and service naval shipbuilding programs and commercial users. The facilities include:

  • A 213m long x 20m wide wharf which can support 140T mobile cranes and gross vehicle loads of 864T
  • Several dry berths
  • A Syncrolift shiplift measuring 156m long x 34m wide – the largest in the southern hemisphere – with a lifting capacity of 13,000T and capable of operating at a water depth of 18m
  • Wharf facilities including power, water, gas and air supplies, communication equipment and alarm services, and
  • Outfitting Support Towers

ANI also manages and operates ship transfer systems including self-propelled modular transporters and rail-based systems, a bulk gas facility, seawater pump and compressed air stations, and shipyard carparks.

All vessel transfer, launch and docking operations, as well as large module transfers – the most notable to date being the OPV mega-block moves and recent NUSHIP Arafura launch – are undertaken by ANI’s operations team.

Commercial Operations

ANI also provides services for commercial vessel operators including dockings and undockings supplementing the naval vessel dockings to assist skill retention and training of personnel.

Since 2010, there have been more than 45 commercial dockings at the Common User Facility, including:

Docking opportunities may be available for commercial vessel operators to make use of ANI’s facilities.

For docking enquiries, please click here.